Operations consulting services, engineered for innovation

Over J consultants handle complex projects that range in scope and objectives. See how our project coordinators, engineers and instructional designers work together to deliver operations consulting services tailored to your needs and engineered for your success.



From conception to closeout and reconciliation

Our team provides exceptional project management services because we always start by analyzing your goals and operations. We make sure that your project plan aligns with your stated goals and provide actionable insights that allow the project to proceed on time and on budget.

Over J consultants bring a combination of engineering, design and project management expertise that allows them to provide our clients with a strategic, multidisciplinary approach for every project. We handle analysis, strategy and project management, along with thorough documentation through reconciliation and closeout.

Accelerate your projects


Analysis, mapping, schematics and more

Whether your organization needs project management for construction or transportation or project engineering for utilities or oil and gas, our team has the expertise needed to design effective solutions for your industry. Our team of consultants has training in mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical and petroleum engineering.

We apply our expertise and industry experience to deliver custom solutions that are always founded on strategic analysis of your design requirements. Over J consultants work closely with project stakeholders to ensure that we’re bringing your project to life in the way that best fulfills your goals.

Engineer your success


PowerApps, PowerBI and Sharepoint AppDev

In addition to our engineering and project management expertise, the Over J team also has extensive experience in developing business applications. Custom solutions can help you gain insight into critical data systems using tools like PowerApps, PowerBI and Sharepoint.

We’ve created responsive dashboards that allow clients to keep track of project progress, system optimization and departmental KPIs. Our services allow organizations in complex industries to use data-driven insights to modernize their operations and technology.

Reimagine your processes


System and database management

At Over J, we strive to help organizations continually progress and innovate – and that often starts with the technology that underpins all their departmental activities. Many organizations in utilities, oil and gas, construction and even transportation are searching for innovative ways to modernize the technology they rely on every day.

We work with our clients to understand their security and database requirements, providing IT consulting services that help them implement transformative solutions. These solutions provide the foundation for business process automation, data and document management and process improvements with long-term value.

Transform your operations


Simplifying reporting to enhance traceability

We often see organizations looking for new ways to accelerate time to value for product development and project completion. Without document management systems that allow complete traceability, critical steps in the product development life cycle can take significantly longer – costing significant time and money.

That’s especially true in industries with stringent compliance standards and documentation requirements. We help our clients analyze ongoing pain points with their document management systems and processes. Then, we design and implement new systems or processes that simplify reporting and maximize traceability so they can easily access the information they need for strategic decision-making.

Access information faster


Streamlining onboarding and compliance training

At Over J, our instructional designers help clients create custom e-learning solutions every day. We’ve found that virtual training allows organizations in every industry to streamline operations, improve compliance and accelerate onboarding.

The advantage of working with Over J to develop e-learning courses? You get a course that’s customized to your organization’s needs and informed with insights from our engineering and project management experts. And our instructional designers use industry best practices like the ADDIE model to ensure we’re delivering training modules and curriculum your staff and organization will benefit from.

Upskill your teams