Transformative information technology consulting


In today’s digital-first age, your information technology foundation is essential to your operational success for all organizations, including those in the tech industry. We understand the modern-day business value of digital strategies, which is why we take a solutions-based approach to information technology consulting.

Your organization’s databases, business intelligence applications and digital processes underlie the digital experiences that your internal stakeholders, partners and customers encounter. Devising and implementing a strategic plan for unifying and streamlining those experiences is a challenging undertaking, and our consultants can help you transform your infrastructure to innovate a new way forward.

Deep knowledge of best practices for data management

Our technology consultants have extensive engineering, data science and project management expertise. We collaborate with your team to design, build and maintain your information technology systems so that they are scalable, reliable and high-performance.

Whether your organization has a specific plan in mind or wants technical advising, we start each project by ensuring we understand your ultimate goals and priorities. Then, we propose and execute a strategic project plan. Depending on your needs, that may incorporate business process automation, database modernization or migration or business intelligence development using tools like SharePoint, PowerBI or Power Apps.

Coordinating solution design and integration with IT teams

Many of our solutions and services incorporate technological components, such as process automation, business intelligence applications, e-learning modules or digital libraries for documentation. No matter what department we’re developing these solutions for, our consultants make sure to coordinate with client-side IT to ensure seamless implementation with their existing systems. We work closely with all stakeholders to understand their technical requirements, then we create solutions that meet those requirements while providing value to the client.

Designing compliant, secure document management

Across all the industries we serve, one of the most common pain points we encounter is document management systems with poor usability. The chief issue might be the user interface (UI), the integration capabilities or simply the fact that its usage isn’t standardized across the department or organization. Regardless, these challenges add compounding frustration and toil to users' work every day. We help our clients overcome this hurdle by designing intuitive, user-friendly document management systems customized to fit their unique use case, relevant regulations and security requirements.

Providing regulatory support and auditing services

We specialize in helping organizations comply with complex regulations so they are always audit-ready. To accomplish this, our consultants conduct a thorough review of your current processes and procedures to identify any gaps or weaknesses. Then we implement changes to make sure your organization is fully prepared for compliance. Our consultants also audit your existing systems to ensure that they are properly configured and functioning correctly. Finally, our team provides comprehensive reports detailing what was found during the audit and what actions were taken to correct any issues identified.

Implementing resilient, flexible and scalable data infrastructure

The Over J team excels in helping companies manage large volumes of data efficiently and effectively. Our consultants can help you design, implement, operate and maintain a robust data platform that supports your business objectives. Whether you need to store terabytes of data, we can help you choose the right storage technologies and platforms. We can also integrate your data into other business applications, whether it be a content management system (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or business intelligence tool.

Ready to unlock your technology’s potential?

Our technology consulting services are designed to help tech companies maximize the advantages of their digital infrastructure. Often, even the most advanced companies need help with strategic planning to optimize their business operations. That’s an area where Over J excels – we strive to help every client uncover and unlock their potential for operational excellence. Whether that requires database migration, interactive dashboard creation or compliant process development, we’re here, ready to guide you forward.

Information technology consulting grounded in strategy

The Over J team brings together technical experts from multiple disciplines, including engineering, instructional design, data science and programming. Together, our team members combine multidisciplinary expertise and cross-functional business experience. This combination heightens the effectiveness of the strategic planning we apply to client projects.


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