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The oil and gas industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. It requires constant innovation to keep up with changes in regulations, technology and customer demands. For many projects, oil and gas companies often need extensive support to ensure that their infrastructure, workflows and projects are properly designed to meet their goals. So choosing the right team of oil and gas consultants to support your organization can be incredibly challenging.

Benefit from over 15 years of industry experience

Working with Over J consultants means your organization is backed by engineers, project managers and other operations experts with proven experience and results in the oil and gas industry. We help these organizations modernize their infrastructure, ensure compliance with critical regulations and much more. Learn more about our experience with industrial operations consulting for oil and gas companies.

Coordinating field data collection and verification

Over J provides field data collection and verification services for oil and gas companies. We collect information about your wells, pipelines, facilities and equipment and verify it against records held by government agencies. This helps us identify potential problems before they become major issues. In addition to gathering information, we also perform inspections of your facilities and equipment to make sure everything is operating safely and effectively.

Assessing gas systems and pipeline infrastructure

Oil and gas companies rely on pipelines to transport crude oil and natural gas. It’s essential that these pipelines can reliably transport their contents through remote locations. To do so, they require regular maintenance and inspection. Our team performs routine inspections of your pipelines to detect any leaks or damage. We also assess the condition of your pipes and valves to determine whether they need replacement, repair or redesign.

Engineering data-driven solutions for improved operational performance

Companies spend millions of dollars each year on engineering and construction projects. They want to know how much money they’ll save by completing them sooner than expected. At Over J, we help you quantify the benefits of your investments by providing accurate cost estimates and project schedules. We use advanced software to calculate the costs associated with different options and then compare those numbers to the estimated savings from early completion. Our goal is to help you choose the best course of action based on your budget, schedule and business objectives. Our team uses an integrated approach to design, build and operate your facilities. By combining our expertise in engineering, surveying, planning, construction management and facility operation, we can create customized solutions that fit your needs. 

Designing digital solutions for monitoring KPIs and compliance

To measure the success of your projects, you need access to accurate data about your assets. We collect, organize and verify this information and use analytics to understand gaps in your data collection process. We use advanced technology to gather critical data points about the condition of wells, pipelines, equipment and other components. For example, we install sensors at critical points throughout your pipeline network. The sensors send data back to our servers, which allow us to track the status of your assets remotely and address issues before they become disasters. We also perform regular inspections of your facilities to make sure everything is operating safely and effectively and prepare compliance reports based on federal and local requirements.

Ready to minimize risk and maximize progress?

Finding a trusted advisor to design new systems and procedures for your organization can be an overwhelming task. Oil and gas companies need consultants who understand their compliance requirements, can execute complex projects with ease and can help them strategically modernize their technology. Working with the Over J team offers all three of these benefits and more – find out how you can benefit from our extensive industry experience and multidisciplinary expertise. Connect with us today.

Oil and gas consulting that enhances operations

Over J Consulting has an extensive history of helping oil and gas companies in Southern California deliver successful projects with lasting impact. Our collaborative, forward-looking approach to consulting delivers more than one-time results – we develop solutions that deliver sustainable innovation and progress.


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