Delivering industrial consulting services tailored to your needs

Custom solutions for tech, energy, utilities and more.

Every industry comes with its pain points, but organizations in utilities, oil and gas, transportation and construction, in particular, face challenges at every turn. Over J consultants create custom business operations solutions that can help your organization overcome regulatory hurdles, technical debt and even inaccessible data.



Risk management and engineering

Power and utility companies are constantly managing thousands of projects, processes and protocols. They need to maintain compliance with environmental and workplace safety standards while also addressing the need for technology modernization. Our engineers and program managers analyze your current operations to identify risks and design safer, more cost-effective processes.

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Custom e-learning and information technology consulting

Municipal organizations are often challenged with managing the weight of technical debt. With understaffed IT teams and difficult-to-maintain technology, they’re often limited in how quickly or consistently they can secure IT systems or maintain databases. As a result, their ability to access and act on data-driven insights is also limited, which in turn slows down projects and everyday processes.

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 Transforming critical systems and databases

Whether your organization is in the tech industry or simply operates an IT function, having a solid foundation for your digital services is critical for success today. These days, every business is a software business – having well-designed and well-maintained infrastructure is critical for staying competitive and relevant in this environment.

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Project management and closeout

Construction projects are complex undertakings that often last months – or even years – and require significant resources. Relying on trusted project management consultants can ensure that your investments are protected and your project plan sets your organization up for success. Work with Over J to devise a construction project plan that meets your needs and takes into account the unique challenges and requirements of your design, location and materials.

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Engineering, design and project management

Much like construction projects, transportation development is a serious undertaking. While accounting for the involvement of municipal authorities, managing project approvals, timelines and budgets can overwhelm an organization, even if they have extensive experience in the space.

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Hazard mitigation and compliance support

Oil and gas companies often need extensive support to ensure that their infrastructure, workflows and projects are properly designed to meet their goals – and their deadlines. Choosing the right team to support these projects can be challenging, as not every operations consultancy has the right experience or training.

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