Streamlining project management with automation

Ensuring cross-functional compliance with automated audit processes


To better manage their ongoing compliance initiative, our utility client needed to modernize how recurring compliance reviews were coordinated across multiple teams. With help from Over J consultants, they were able to automate task delegation, accelerating how internal users review and update internal standards.


Over J Consulting has supported SoCalGas in many compliance initiatives, and one of the common themes across all the company’s projects is its level of commitment to compliance and safety. In addition to the numerous government regulations the company follows, departments also conduct their internal audits to assess whether existing processes and protocols fulfill the most current company standards.

When executing one such initiative, the Gas Standard Effectiveness Program (GSEP), SoCalGas employees faced difficulties ensuring that 5-year reviews were carried out efficiently and within expected timelines. 

As one of the largest utility companies in the United States, the organization relies on the GSEP to ensure it keeps pace with evolving federal, state and local regulations.

Finding a modern solution to this project management challenge was a key priority for the project stakeholders. 

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The Over J team was tasked with establishing a consistent, sustainable process for documenting and streamlining GSEP standard reviews. In this program, standards are to be reviewed every five years – however, the process for carrying out a review was inconsistently documented and there was no central repository for all recorded standards.

As a result, assigned observation teams could not quickly identify which standards were due for review, and responsible parties had no way of communicating transfers of ownership when employees changed roles. To solve these issues, our consultants set out to create a web-based application that would simplify how users keep track of all the necessary tasks in the GSEP.

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After interviewing project stakeholders to map and optimize the process, our consultants used Microsoft PowerApps to design the Gas Standard Observation Manager (GSOM) tool, which:
• Centralizes all standards into an editable database
• Identifies when gas standards were within a year of requiring review
• Allows teams to see upcoming review tasks
• Notifies responsible parties when a review due date approaches
• Ensures that related tasks are observed a minimum of three times before the results of the standard review are recorded
• Allows responsible parties to record the results of the 5-year review to update records 
Implementing this process improvement not only centralizes data and document management on all existing standards, but it also ensures that future reviews are conducted consistently across SoCalGas teams.

Additionally, the GSOM tool simplifies how departments maintain compliance with internal policy standards, allowing observation teams and responsible parties to access all data via a user-friendly web application, ultimately increasing their efficiency.

What's next?

When designing the GSOM tool, our consultants also proposed an innovative workflow improvement for cases when standards failed the 5-year review. Instead of having to manually notify responsible teams that a process failed a recent review and needs to be updated, the GSOM tool has been integrated with other systems to notify responsible teams that an update needs to be made. 

As the program continues, our consultants are serving as program administrators to monitor and assess the tool’s usage so we can refine its functionality over time. When you work with Over, you benefit from our commitment to innovation and progress. We strive to take technology implementations a step further, making complex operations intuitive and efficient.


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