Executing compliant hardcopy document management

Organizing and tracking records migration for hardcopy repository


When SoCalGas needed to catalog and migrate hundreds of hardcopy records across multiple fields, they turned to Over J for support. Our consultants ensured that their systematic strategy for managing these records was executed efficiently while ensuring compliance with federal regulations.


Over J Consulting has collaborated with SoCalGas on a variety of projects over the years, contributing to projects that have ranged in scope, complexity and scale. 

Often, our consultants are providing engineering, design and technology expertise – but sometimes, our clients come to us with project plans already in mind. In this case, SoCalGas knew they could trust our team to migrate critical hardcopy records according to their precise requirements.

As the largest utility company in Southern California, SoCalGas is subject to a number of federal, state and local regulations. Many of these regulations require meticulous records, many of which the company stores hardcopy files at a central location. They came to our team with a plan to reorganize, transport and track documents as they were migrated to multiple field sites.

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Identifying our clients’ key priorities and needs is the first step in any Over J project. Once our team understood the stakeholders’ goals and requirements, we put together a proposal for ensuring consistent tracking and storage of all migrated records, presenting the project stakeholders with a timeline and budget.

Then, the Over J team set up spreadsheets to catalog, reorganize and track all documents at the original site before preparing them to be relocated across three other storage facilities. Handling this part of the process on-site ensured that records were not lost or misplaced during transit and ensured our consultants would be able to create a detailed report for project closeout.

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The Over J team was able to efficiently and accurately reorganize hardcopy files for approximately 100 projects, fulfilling the stakeholders’ expectations for the project. At the same time, our consultants implemented document management best practices that would allow the new file storage system to remain accessible and usable long-term.
When preparing the files for transport to their final destinations, the Over J team also established a library of digital copies of the physical files. Our lead consultant on the project devised taxonomy as the basis for this library, which corresponded with how the files were organized at each of the sites. 
Before transporting the files, our consultants used this new system to organize the hardcopy field into labeled cabinets, drawers and folders. As a result, the SoCalGas employees can now use the library to quickly determine where needed files are currently archived.

What's next?

While working on this project, we identified an additional opportunity for innovation in the stakeholders’ ongoing processes. While the digital library has improved how employees retrieve the files they need, our team realized that creating a centralized dashboard would make that information even more accessible.

As part of our ongoing partnership with SoCalGas, we’ve proposed creating this tool using business intelligence software to streamline file search and retrieval and provide insight into file access, among other metrics. 

That’s the advantage of working with Over J – we apply our expertise and experience to find new ways to simplify our clients’ operations using innovative solutions.


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